Street & Sewer Section

The Street and Sewer Section is responsible for:

  • Repairing and maintaining 194 miles of City streets, 43 miles of alleys and 278 miles of sidewalks
  • Repairing and maintaining 152 miles of storm sewer and 177 miles of sanitary sewer
  • Repairing and replacing various types of street and alley pavement, including filling potholes, patching and crack filling
  • Shimming sidewalk slabs that have been displaced or replacing deteriorated slabs
  • Sweeping streets throughout spring and summer
  • Collecting yard waste in spring and fall

The Engineering Department is responsible for current and proposed major construction projects.

A reminder from our Engineering staff: just because something can be flushed, doesn't mean it should be. Paper towels, napkins, etc. do not disintegrate. You may be creating costly clogs in your pipes & our community sewer pipes. Learn what NOT to flush.