Public Works

Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is a multi-functional department charged with the responsibility of providing a variety of services to the public as well as maintaining the City’s multi-million dollar infrastructure.

Services provided by the Department of Public Works include:

  • Maintenance and repair of the City’s buildings and street signs by the Building and Sign Division
  • Maintenance of the City’s street lighting and traffic control signals by the Electrical Division
  • Maintenance of the City’s street trees and public grounds by the Forestry Division
  • Garbage and recyclables collection and disposal by the Sanitation Section
  • Maintenance of the City’s streets, alleys, sidewalks and sewer systems by the Street and Sewer Section
  • Provision of safe and sufficient drinking water and water for fire protection by the Water Division

The Department of Public Works provides staff support for the Public Works Committee and the Public Beautification Committee. The Department of Public Works organizes annual awards for Commendable Property, Best Porch and Patriotic Display.

To receive RFP #23-009A DPW Facility Architectural Services, send a request to Due date is Sept. 12, 2023 at 4 p.m. CT.

2023 Garbage and Recycling information


Fees effective January 1, 2022 (Items, fees, quantities are subject to change).

View the fee schedule in the West Allis Municipal Code.