Railroad crossings

who maintains it?

While the City is responsible for the condition of streets found throughout West Allis, the Union Pacific Railroad is responsible for maintaining their railways and 4 feet beyond the rails on either side. 

rough crossings

Since the City is unable to repair the roadways in these areas, rough crossings should be reported directly to the Union Pacific Railroad. Non-emergency issues such as rough crossings, blocked crossings, or claims can be reported online using the Response Management Communication Center or by calling 1-800-848-8715. 

In order to report an issue the railroad crossing number is required. 

Railroad crossing numbers can be found on the blue signs located near the crossing or by using the Federal Railroad Association's Safety Map.

Shown below is an example of a railroad crossing sign.

Example of a railroad crossing identification sign.


To report an emergency on the railways call:

  • Local first responders using 911
  • The Union Pacific emergency line at 1-888-877-7267