2023 Utility Box Art Program


The City of West Allis, in conjunction with West Allis Artscape Committee and in collaboration with West Allis Public Works, is seeking applications from artists for the City of West Allis Public Art Utility Box Program. We invited amateur and professional artists to apply, as well as artist teams and educational institutions. We will be selecting 10 different designs for the utility boxes. Artists will be informed of their selection by the end of March. This program is made possible by the City of West Allis with Artscape Leadership Group funds.

Applications are now closed. 


    To increase awareness and understanding of local art

    To present an affordable and accessible art experience for people of all ages

    To enhance the quality of life for the citizens of West Allis

    To promote West Allis as a cultural destination for visitors, artists, and residents

    To provide a showcase for local artists

Artwork Criteria

    Artwork will be created and then transferred to a vinyl wrap to scale the utility box

    Intent of artist’s design should be to wrap the utility box on all four sides

    Design may be duplicated on more than one side of the utility box

    Feedback provided by the Artscape Committee and City staff may alter the final design and positioning on the utility boxes

Selection Process

The selection committee will review the applications and select potential designs. Upon notification of selection, exhibiting artists will be required to sign an artist agreement. Some modifications to design may be needed to accommodate actual size and dimensions of utility box selected by the committee. A $500 artist honorarium will be paid for each final design chosen.

The City of West Allis selection committee will not accept any work involving profanities, advertising, a living person’s likeness without written and signed consent, plagiarism, political campaigns, negative messages, or otherwise unfavorable content. Please keep in mind that certain locations may have many submissions so a thoughtful explanation will help your design stand out.

Selection Criteria

    Staff welcome and encourage original and unique concepts and designs

    Localized art that highlights history and culture of West Allis is also appreciated

    Artwork is appropriate for viewing by residents and visitors of all ages

    Artwork criteria are met

Program Timeline/Deadlines

    March 10, 2023: Deadline for all sketch and conceptual design submissions

    March 31, 2023: Selection notification to all artists

    May 5, 2023: Deadline for final design submissions

    June 1, 2023 – October 1, 2023: Installation 

Submission Process

    Initial submission will be completed through Google Forms

    Name, email address, home address, phone number are required to complete the form

    Artistic resume and/or artist biography that highlights previous artwork and background on your artistic styles and inspiration.

    Include relevant examples of previous work.

    Final design for utility box (JPEG format or full-page PDF)

    Please provide a description and explanation for each design describing the themes, significant, inspirations, symbols, etc.

    If any design is for a certain location, please specify which location it is for.

    Each artist or team is allowed to submit three designs.

    Attachment file should be named using the following format: “Smith, John Utility Box Design 1”

Acceptable File Formats for Printing

    Vector Files: For best results, our recommendation is 300dpi, EPS (Encapsulated Post Script), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF (Adobe PDF), TIFF (High Resolution TIFF), EPS (CS4 or lower), AI (CS4 or lower), PDF If submitting these files be sure all fonts are converted to outlines or curves. Vector files can be submitted at any size proportionate to the final print size. Raster Files/Images: PSD (CS4 or lower), JPEG, TIFF, PDF.

    Raster files should be submitted using the following guidelines. -Full Scale at 100dpi - 50% Scale at 200dpi or higher -25% Scale at 300dpi or higher -10% Scale at 600dpi or higher

Design Guidelines

    Initial submissions can be sketches or conceptual designs and are not required to be completed pieces of work.

    Designs must be original work from the artist, but it is not required to be brand new and can be an earlier work from the artist.

    Keep in mind that designs may be in place for several years so artists should intend on creating something that will be tasteful in the present and in the future.

Available Locations

1. 75th & Greenfield        2. 72nd & Greenfield       3. 70th & Greenfield        4. 66th & National

5. 84th & National           6. 84th & National           7. 72nd & Becher            8. 76th & Becher             

9. 79th & Becher            10. 60th & Burnham        11. 60th & Burnham        12. 71st & Lincoln           

13. 76th & Lincoln          14. 84th & Lincoln          15. 60th & Grant             16. 60th & Mitchell

Pictures and dimensions are available for all utility boxes to be used as a reference.


    City staff will work with each artist to approve the design and modify it to fit the selected site.

    The City of West Allis, in conjunction with the Artscape Committee, reserves the right to photograph and reproduce images of the work for marketing and educational materials.

    The City of West Allis will promote the exhibit on the city’s website, social media accounts, and other media releases.

    Artists may be asked to participate in interviews or other promotional activities during the installation process.


Contact Carson Coffield, Development Specialist: ccoffield@westalliswi.gov