Environmental Health

The Department of Environmental Health protects the health, safety, and consumer rights of those who live, work or visit in West Allis. By conducting inspections of food service establishments and events, tattoo and body art facilities, and establishments that sell items by weight, the Division promotes safe practices, prevents the potential spread of disease, and assures that consumers receive the amount of goods they pay for.

Food Safety & Inspection

The food inspection program conducts annual and periodic inspections of food service establishments, mobile vendors, and temporary events. Specialists also provide food safety training and consultations, review plans and conduct pre-occupancy inspections. 

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Health Inspection reports can be found here.

Pests, Rodents & Animals

Rodents are an increasing nuisance in the world of urban pests; in order to prevent rodents from finding a home on your property we advise the following steps

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Lead Poisoning & Prevention

Lead exposure in young children can cause reduced IQ and attention span, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and a range of other health and behavioral effects. Most exposures occur in homes or daycares built before 1978 where lead-based paint has deteriorated because of deferred maintenance or where lead hazards have been created through renovation done without using lead-safe work practices- DHS Wisconsin.

Lead-safe renovator certification and company certification is required beginning April 22, 2010. Learn more about Wisconsin's Lead-Safe Renovation Rule, including downloadable facts, guidance documents and a list of training providers of the Lead-Safe Renovator course: visit Wisconsin's Lead program at Wisconsin Lead Program

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For the fastest response, file a Let us Help complaint. Make sure to include your contact information for the Environmentalist to contact you if additional information is needed and/or if you would like follow-up regarding the complaint. 

You can also call the West Allis Health Department at 414-302-8600, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please understand our Environmentalists are often in the field during the workday and may not respond immediately. Be sure to leave your name, phone number, address of the complaint, and nature of the complaint so that it can be assigned appropriately.