ArtScape Grant Program

Purpose and Eligibility

The purpose of the West Allis ArtScape Program is to foster creativity, increase community engagement, and stimulate the aesthetic appearance and image of West Allis. 

Eligible projects shall make an emotionally positive return on investment, generate a “sticky street” quality of attraction where people want to be or linger, and spark a visual cue of community pride. They may be located anywhere within the community, but should garner neighborhood or business support, ideally partnering with groups or individuals who can help take ownership of their community. Projects may be temporary, seasonal or permanent, as long as they are impactful and aim to create momentum for investment.

Projects meeting the intent of the program are bound only by imagination, but would ideally include regional or locally made or hand-crafted/produced/designed artwork. They should be of large scale or designed with broad impact. In order to accentuate or complement the physical environment, projects shall utilize lighting, color, texture or motion, as possible. Installation practicality and future maintenance shall also be considered in eligible projects. These funds shall not be used for routine maintenance of existing or typical infrastructure.

Examples of projects include, but is not limited to, murals and mosaics (artistic, inspirational or gateway), utility box art, street furniture, pedlets/parklets, public sculpture, wayfinding signage, creative pavement markings, and boulevard or park installations. 

Program Goals

  • Increase the visual character of West Allis in a positive way
  • Catalyze additional creativity, vitality and interest in West Allis
  • Create an attraction that promotes extended visitation to the city, its neighborhoods and businesses
  • Enhance the visitor experience and create a welcoming environment
  • Honor the local character and/or history of West Allis
  • Encourage neighborhood and social media engagement


Review the ArtScape Program Guidelines and complete an online application.

  1. Patrick Schloss

    Economic Development Executive Director

  2. Shaun Mueller

    Development Project Manager