Future Development of Public Works Facility

Coming Soon

The future City of West Allis Public Works facility is focused on flexible design to provide increased effectiveness and efficiency for service delivery for our residents.

The current public works facility, located at 6300 W. McGeoch Ave., houses public works staff, seasonal staff, and the municipal yard drop-off site. Public Works also operates the Morgan Avenue self-drop-off site, located on 116th Street south of W. Morgan Ave, which is open seasonally. The new facility will house 135 full-time and 25 seasonal staff of Public Works. The Engineering and Information Technology Departments will relocate to the facility as well. 

Break Ground:


Estimated Completion:
December 2025


Building Size:
223,190 sq. ft.


Rendering of the New facility

Fast Facts about Your Public Works Department


 The Forestry Division plants and maintains 22,000 trees along streets, boulevards, parks, and public grounds, maintains 15 miles of grass area on boulevards, and manages over 100 acres of City parks, pocket parks, municipal building grounds, water tank sites, a historical cemetery, and the Senior Housing complex.


The Water Division provides safe and sufficient drinking water and water for fire protection. They read, install, maintain, and/or repair meters, water mains, water hydrants, water towers, reservoirs, service and curb stops, valves, and sample water for harmful bacteria.

Building2-100xThe Building and Sign Division maintains and repairs all City-owned buildings (from daily custodial care to painting), all street signage including crosswalks, centerlines, and striping in municipal lots, painting and labeling equipment, miscellaneous painting, carpentry repairs, and remodeling throughout the City.

Plow-100xPublic Works has 156 vehicles and trailers and 36 pieces of equipment that need heated parking/storage, and 52 vehicles or trailers and 104 pieces of equipment that can be stored in cold storage.

Road-100x The Street and Sewer Division maintains the City's streets, alleys, sidewalks, and sewer systems. They repair and maintain 194 miles of City streets, 43 miles of alleys, 278 miles of sidewalks, 152 miles of storm sewer, and 177 miles of sanitary sewer. In addition, they sweep streets in spring and summer and collect yard waste in spring and fall.

Bulb-100xThe Electrical Division maintains, repairs, and installs the City's street lighting, and traffic control signals. They lay duct lines under new pavement, install cable, drill and pour pole bases, set new poles, and light lamp fixtures. They also perform electrical repairs, construct, and maintain all City buildings and properties including the Library, Police, Fire, Senior Housing, Senior Center, Famers Market, water pumping stations, parking meters, school parking lots, playgrounds and ball fields.

Recycle100xThe Sanitation Division collects and disposes of refuse (garbage) from one through three-family residences and collects recyclables from one through four-family residences. They serve nearly 17,500 parcels or 20,800 residential units. Additionally, they provide snow and ice control on 192 lane miles of streets, 39 plow routes, 16 main emergency thoroughfares, 15 miles of public sidewalks, over 45 dead-end streets, 40 cul-de-sacs, 20 bus stops, 20 bridge walk areas, and about 30 municipal parking lots.