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Whether you're new to this website or looking for more information, the city attorney's office has created this page for the purpose of answering many of the common questions we hear.  We hope you will find answers on this page.  If you need more information, please browse this website, use the search bar above, or contact us using the information at the bottom of this screen.


The City Attorney’s office only represents the City of West Allis as a municipal corporation and is unable to provide legal advice to individuals on any legal issues they may be facing.  If you need advice on a legal issue, please click here for additional links which may be helpful. 


The municipal court is charged with processing, scheduling, and recording the outcome of all West Allis municipal citations, parking tickets, and summons.  Click here for a more specific explanation on the municipal court staff’s role and the court process as it relates to the City Attorney’s office. 

  • Contact the court by phone at 414-302-8181. To leave a message, choose Option 5. 
  • Email the court at 
  • Located within the Police Department at 11301 West Lincoln Avenue, West Allis 
  • Visit the court webpage click here.  This page provides details on topics such as: 
    • Entering a Plea, also referred to as your Initial Appearance (Court Date Listed on Citation with Municipal Court held on a Monday)   Download a plea sheet here (PDF) for the “Court Plea Date - Initial Appearances Form” which needs to be completed and submitted to the municipal court, NOT the Attorney’s office 
    • Pay Parking Tickets, Citations, Fines, Payment Options, Collections & Convictions 
    • Scheduling Pre-Trial with City Attorney (Court Date held on a Wednesday) 
    • Scheduling Trial Before Judge (Court Date held on a Tuesday) 
    • Rescheduling All Court Appearances 
    • Reopen a Case 
    • Court Procedures & Rules 

The City Attorney’s office has a very limited role in the municipal court process.  Our prosecutors are only involved when negotiating a settlement at a pre-trial conference and appearing at trials to prosecute the case.  The municipal court will send notices and documentation for pre-trial conferences and trials to the City Attorney’s office about a week prior to the scheduled court date so that our prosecutors can prepare for your case.  The City Attorney’s office does not have access to the municipal court records and therefore is unable to provide you with your scheduled court dates or speak to you about the status of your case. 


If you believe the City of West Allis is responsible for damages or injuries to your property or person, you may wish to file a claim.  The City Attorney’s office has a Claim Form (PDF) that you may choose to utilize.  You must submit two estimates with your claim if it’s for property damage.  After you have filed a proper claim, the city has 120 days to respond.  For additional information on filing a claim and/or the status of a claim already filed, please click here


Tenant/Landlord disputes are regulated by state statutes not municipalities.  For assistance on these types of issues click here.  


The West Allis Police Department receives reports of all suspicious activity or alleged criminal matters and may investigate and issue appropriate citations.  These matters may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fraud (including spam or scam type incidents)
  • Theft 
  • Criminal Trespassing 

For traffic crash reports, police incident reports, citation copies contact the West Allis Police Department click here for an Open Records Request.  Additional information on Police matters can be found on their webpage here or by calling 414-302-8000. 


Questions regarding property held by the West Allis Police Department are addressed to or by contacting the property division of the Police Department.   

A Return of Property Petition is obtained and processed through Milwaukee County Circuit Court located at 901 North 9th Street, Milwaukee.  Instructions are included on the petition form.  The City Attorney’s office is unable to advise or assist with your filing of a petition. 

A Return of Property Petition may be personally served on the West Allis City Attorney at the West Allis City Hall Customer Service Center, 7525 West Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 


Pursuant to the West Allis Revised Municipal Code section 7.126, a dog may be declared to be a dangerous or prohibited dog by issuance of an order.  Within 30 days of the date of the order, the dog owner must comply with the requirements of section 7.126(6).  If an owner wishes to contest any requirements of section 7.126(6) they must file an appeal pursuant to the provisions of section 7.126(5)(b).  Click here to view the West Allis Revised Municipal Code. 


The City Attorney’s office maintains the records of all new and existing encroachments within the city’s right-of-way.  Click here for additional information. 


If through a property title search or the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (CCAP) website, a money judgment or lien has been recorded against you by the West Allis City Attorney, contact our office.  Our office can provide further information and a payoff amount to release the judgment or lien.  Once the judgment or lien has been resolved, a Satisfaction of Judgment will be issued to you to release the judgment or lien. 


Click here for City Attorney FAQs. 



Physical Address: 
7525 W. Greenfield Ave., Room 232
West Allis, WI  53214 

Phone:  414-302-8450 
Fax:  414-302-8444

Learn more about our office by visiting the City Attorney’s webpage click here.  For the staff directory, click here.