Temporary Premise Extension                                                                            (for Class B licensed establishments)

WHO NEEDS A permit?

Any Class B licensed establishment who wishes to extend their premises outdoors must include that area as part of the licensed premises.  Whether seasonal, permanent or for a weekend, any outdoor premises is subject to approval by the Common Council and will be reviewed by the Planning, Building Inspection and Neighborhood Services, Health, and Police Departments.  A permanent extension request shall determine whether to grant the request for permanent extension of premises under the same standards as a new license application.


  1. Must be a licensed Class B Tavern.  


Seasonal: $525
**Cash or Check Only**


  • Upon receiving a request under this paragraph, the city clerk shall notify the Planning Department, Building Inspection and Neighborhood Services Department, Health Department, and Police Department of the request, and the departments may provide information regarding the request to the Common Council.
  • The Common Council shall determine whether to grant a request for temporary extension of premises under the same standards as a new license application.  
  • A temporary extension of premises creates a property interest only for the dates and times approved by the Common Council.  
  • Upon expiration of a temporary extension of premises, the temporary premises ceases to exist.  
  • Approval of a temporary extension of premises does not create a right to future approval. 
  • Application is reviewed by the License & Health Committee and given a recommendation to the Common Council.  Attendance is required at both meetings. 
  • If the Council grants your permit and your fees are paid, your permit will be e-mailed to you the day after the meeting.  



Please complete the fillable PDF from the website and bring it to City Hall with your cash or check payment.  You can also mail it but please be sure to include the items listed in the requirements below.