Special Event / Neighborhood Association Block Party Permit


Anyone who organizes a gathering of at least 21 people that impedes the normal use of public property.  Examples of a special event include but are not limited to a block party, church festival, concert, parade, carnival, or other large gathering on public property (right-of-way or land owned or controlled by a federal, state, or local government.)

Class 1 Event - means a special event that includes at least one of the following features: alcohol is available for consumption, electronically amplified outdoor sound is utilized, or more than 400 square feet of ground is covered by a tent or other temporary structure that provides shelter from the elements.

Class 2 Event - an organized gathering on public property that does not meet the definition of a Class 1 Event.

Please note: Service of alcohol will require an alcohol license (only certain entities can apply), use of a tent may require a permit from the Fire Department and food service may require a food license from the Health Department.


Complete the application and submit the appropriate fee.

For a special event that closes a street, a street closure consent form signed by occupants of at least 50 percent of the residential and commercial units on the closed portion of the street is required.


Neighborhood Association Block Party$50
All Other Special Events$200
Expedited Processing Fee
(in addition to application fee if filed less than 30 days)
**Cash or Check Only**


  • Upon receiving a completed application, the clerk shall forward the application to the police department, fire department, department of public works, health department, and city engineer.
  • Each department shall review the application received from the city clerk and may estimate the department’s charges associated with the special event.  If a department's estimated direct costs to provide staffing and equipment for a special event exceeds $500, that department may require payment for its direct costs by notifying the city clerk of the estimated amount.  
  • If the total estimated direct costs for all departments is less than $1,000, the city clerk shall notify the sponsor, prior to issuing the special event permit, of the estimated direct costs and that the sponsor will be invoiced for the actual direct costs after the event.  If the total estimated direct costs for all departments exceed $1,000, the city clerk shall require prepayment of the total estimated direct costs at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the special event.  
  • In determining staffing and equipment for a special event, the departments shall consider all the following: 
    • The anticipated peak attendance. 
    • Whether alcohol is available for consumption. 
    • Whether outdoor amplified sound is utilized. 
    • Particular characteristics of the special event including layout, sight lines, nearby population density, parking availability, and other relevant factors. 
  • In determining whether to collect direct costs of staffing and equipment, the departments may not consider the content of any message at the special event.



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