Public Entertainment Premise LIcense and Temporary Permit                     


Anyone providing public entertainment, which means any activity or equipment made available with or without fee to the general public for amusement including, but not limited to: bowling centers, dance halls, roadhouses, billiard and pool tables, amusement devices, theater, live or pre-recorded music, movies, and other places of amusement. This definition applies to any entertainment provided commercially for gain by membership, season ticket, invitation, or other system open or offered to the public generally.

Please note: 

  • The public entertainment premises license encompasses all of the entertainment permitted under the following licenses - instrumental music, bowling alley, amusement machine or phonograph premises, tavern amusement, tavern entertainment - other, dance hall, pool table, arcades, etc.
  • Public Entertainment Licensees who wish to have entertainment that is not permitted by their public entertainment premises license may apply for a temporary public entertainment permit.
  • Exceptions. The requirements of this license do not apply to the following:
    • Public entertainment provided by a charitable, nonprofit, or educational institution, religious organization, or governmental entity upon land owned and exclusively occupied by that entity.
    • Public entertainment provided by an organization formed for the purpose of ballet performance and instruction and which has received tax exempt status from the United States Internal Revenue Service.
    • Billiard tables provided on the premises of bona fide clubs or social organizations not operating for private profit which provide other membership privileges and activities, even though there is a charge for playing billiards.
    • Dancing instruction for compensation without any performance for the general public.
    • Television or music intended to entertain only employees and not customers.
    • Public entertainment provided on the grounds of and during a special event permitted under WAMC 6.032.

temporary public entertainment permit

who needs a permit?

Anyone who wishes to provide public entertainment on a temporary basis may apply for a temporary entertainment permit.  The application must be filed at least 30 days prior to the event to allow time for processing and consideration by the Common Council.  


Legal Capacity (occupancy load) determines the fee for your annual public entertainment license. If you do not currently have a designated capacity and posted sign, please contact the Fire Department at 414-302-8900.  You may click Click here to apply for an occupancy load sign.   Premises without a current legal capacity (occupancy load), will be charged the $500 standard fee for the Public Entertainment Premise License. Reduced fees are available depending upon your legally assigned capacity. Fees are as follows:  

Public Entertainment Premises Standard Fee $500Reduced Fee for premises with legal capacity of 100-199 $150
Reduced Fee for premises with legal capacity of 400-499 $350Reduced Fee for premises with legal capacity of 76-99$125
Reduced Fee for premises with legal capacity of 300-399$275Reduced Fee for premises with legal capacity of 26-75$100
Reduced Fee for premises with legal capacity of 200-299$200 Reduced Fee for premises with legal capacity of 25 or fewer $75
Temporary $50



Click here to apply for an annual public entertainment permit.

Click here to apply for a temporary public entertainment permit.