Liquor Licenses (Class A, B, & C)

current licensing period:  July 1, 2021 - june 30, 2023


Anyone 18 years or older selling or serving alcohol for consumption on-site (like a bar or restaurant) or off-site (like a grocery or liquor store) must have an operator’s license. An operator’s license issued by the City of West Allis is only valid for use within the City of West Allis. If you need a license right away, you may also apply for a provisional bartender license.  Please see the Provisional License section below for more information.  

    • Exception:  Individuals without a valid license must work under the immediate supervision of the licenses, Liquor/Beer Agent, or someone with a valid Operator's License. See s. 125.32(2), Wis. Stats. for more information. 


Completion of a responsible beverage server course (or proof of holding an alcohol beverage license in Wisconsin within the past 2 year) is required. Proof must be submitted with your application.  Approved online courses can be found on the Department of Revenue’s website.

Who must complete a Responsible Beverage Server Training Course?

  • The applicant of an Operator's License, Class A License, or Class B License.  
  • Sole proprietors, all members of a partnership, and the Liquor/Beer Agent for a Corporation or Limited Liability Company must complete Beverage Server Training (BST) before the liquor/beer license can be issued to the establishment.
  • The Liquor/Beer Agent for an establishment must meet the qualifications below, but is not required to hold an Operator's License because his/her name appears on the establishment's liquor license.

New license applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • May not have been convicted of a felony or be a habitual law offender.
  • Within the past two (2) years, must have held a valid Operator's License in any Wisconsin municipality or completed one of the Responsible Beverage Server Training Courses that have been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Below is a list of courses have been approved.


License: $90Plastic License Card:$10
Background Check:$16Duplicate Card:  $10
Provisional License:$15Emailed License: Free
**Cash or Check Only**

provisional oPERATOR'S license

 A provisional license is applied for & issued when you have to work a shift by yourself. 

This license is valid for two months (60 days) and allows an individual to bartend or sell without another licensed operator present. The applicant must provide proof of enrollment to take a Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training course or have a license from another community and submit $15 in addition to their license fee.

It expires 60 days after the date of issuance, which is the date the license from the other municipality expires (if applicable), or the date the regular Class “D” Bartender license is granted or denied, whichever occurs first. Provisional licenses are not renewable.


  • Background Investigation - The West Allis Police Department will complete a background check.
  • Issuance - If there are no items on the background check and all other requirements are met, the license is issued.
  •  License & Health Committee
  • If there are items on the background check, you may receive a notice via email to appear before the License and Health Committee. If the License and Health Committee recommends granting the license, it is forwarded to the Common Council for final approval. Council Meeting schedule is located here.  
  • If the council grants your license it will be e-mailed to you the day after the meeting. If it is denied you will receive notice via email.  If you prefer to have the physical plastic card, please include an additional $10.  



Please complete the fillable PDF from the website and bring it to City Hall with your cash or check payment.  You can also mail it but please be sure to include the items listed in the requirements below.