Cigarette (Tobacco) & Electronic Smoking Device Sales (Vape)

current licensing period:  July 1, 2021 - june 30, 2022


Any person who sells, exchanges, barters, disposes of or gives away or keeps for sale of Tobacco Products as defined in sec. 134.65 of the Statutes of the State of Wisconsin and local Ordinances.

WHO NEEDS An electronic smoking device sales (vape) LICENSE?

Any person who sells, exchanges, barters, disposes of or gives away or keeps for sale of electronic smoking devices and smoking device paraphernalia.


Completion of the State and/or City license application forms and payment of fee(s).  The Electronic Smoking Device Sales license requires a background check; a Cigarette only license does not.  


Cigarette: $100Electronic Smoking Device Sales (Vape)$100

Background Check:$16
**Cash or Check Only**


  • Submit your completed form(s) and the application fee(s).  
    • If you are applying for a Cigarette only license, the City Clerk can issue the license immediately.  It can be printed or emailed.    
    • Electronic Smoking Device Sales require a background check.  
      • Background Investigation - The West Allis Police Department will complete a background check.
      • Issuance - If there are no items on the background check and all other requirements are met, the license is issued.
      • If there are items on the background check, you may receive a notice via email to appear before the License and Health Committee. If the License and Health Committee recommends granting the license, it is forwarded to the Common Council for final approval. Council Meeting schedule is located here.
      • If the council grants your license it will be e-mailed to you the day after the meeting. If it is denied you will receive notice via email.  



Please complete the fillable PDF form(s) and bring it to City Hall with your cash or check payment.  You can also mail it but please be sure to include the items listed in the requirements above.