Mobile Integrated Healthcare

The West Allis Fire Department's Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) program is designed to reduce call volume by mitigating non-life threatening issues before they become an emergency. We staff a single 24-hour provider who operates in their own vehicle. Their day is split between responding to 911 calls and scheduled visits. They are available to respond directly to scenes and transport those in need to appropriate facilities as the person’s conditions allow. Here are some examples of what types of scenarios or types of conditions individuals may suffer from that may benefit from MIH’s involvement:

  • Non-violent psychiatric situations where the person is seeking mental health resources
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal individuals (without having taken anything to harm themselves and non-threatening)
  • Individual dealing with substance abuse (w/o Narcan administration) looking for rehab (after being searched by PD)
  • Individuals who are non-compliant with self-administered medications
  • Hoarding conditions
  • Homelessness
  • Victims of abuse (with the threat of harm, self or otherwise removed)
  • Individuals needing assistance with healthcare navigation (COPD, CHF, diabetes, STDs)

5 Areas of Concern

The MIH team focuses care on 5 Areas of Concern:

  • Fall Risk
    1. Primary Risk Categories
      • Home Safety
      • Mobility Issues
      • Assistive Devices
  • Mental Health
    1. Primary Risk Categories
      • Substance Use Disorder
      • Hoarding
      • Mental disorder navigation
  • Chronic Illnesses
    1. Primary Risk Categories
      • COPD/Respiratory
      • CHF
      • Diabetes
      • STIs
      • Alzheimers/Dementia
      • Autoimmune diseases
  • OB/Early Childhood
    1. Primary Risk Categories
      • Pre-natal health
      • WA/WM Educational Opportunities
      • Early childhood health and safety
  • Physiological and Socio-Economical Needs Navigation
    1. Primary Risk Categories
      • Nutrition
      • Grant Opportunities
      • Animal Safety
      • Transport
      • Medical home
      • Insurance/Finances
      • Shelter
      • Safety/Abuse

Destinations MIH Can Take Patients

One drawback to traditional med units and ambulances is that they are only able to transport to a hospital emergency department. MIH can transport to:

  • Psychiatric hospitals (Rogers, Dewey, St. Francis, etc. )
  • Substance abuse/rehabilitation facilities (CMS, First Step, ASAP, etc.)
  • Urgent care clinics and/or private doctor appointments