2045 Comprehensive Plan Update

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a vision for the future of a community along with the steps that are needed to make that vision a reality. When completed, the Comprehensive Plan is used by City leaders to guide thoughtful decision-making to achieve the community's vision. 

Comprehensive Plan Update

Every 10 years, municipalities are required to update their Comprehensive Plan. The current update was split into 2 steps. In 2020, West Allis adopted a partial update to the Comprehensive Plan to meet the state's requirement while delaying the full update to better align with the release of data from the 2020 Census. Now, the City will begin the second phase of the update. The planning process will take place throughout 2023:

  • April - May: Issues & Opportunities Engagement
  • June: Visioning Engagement
    • June 1: Survey 2 - Visioning goes live through July 4
  • July - August: Plan Recommendations Engagement
    • July 5 - Survey 3 - Recommendations goes live through August 31
  • September - October: Plan Development
  • November - December: Community feedback and adoption

We need you!

This plan will be made by the people of West Allis, for the people of West Allis. There will be many opportunities for you to engage with the comprehensive planning process and share your ideas. 

Throughout 2023, the City will launch three surveys covering varying topics. Keep an eye out for them to launch and share your opinions!

Survey 1: Issues & Opportunities (April 10 - May 31) 

Survey 2: Visioning (June 1 - July 4)

Survey 3: Recommendations (July 5 - August 31)

State Requirement

Wisconsin State Comprehensive Planning Law (Statute 66.1001) requires cities, counties, and other local units of government to enact a Comprehensive Plan every 10 years. The Comprehensive Plan, which covers a 20-year planning period, is intended to act as a guide for development and decision-making related to land use, housing, transportation, utilities, economic development, agriculture, and intergovernmental relationships. 

2040 Comprehensive Plan

2040 Comprehensive Plan Document (PDF) - Adopted Feb. 5, 2020

  1. Planning & Zoning

  2. Steven J. Schaer, AICP

    Manager, Planning & Zoning

  3. Zac Roder, AICP

    Lead Planner

  4. Jack Kovnesky