83rd and National

Bee in the City mural

Artist: Lindsay Marx | Milwaukee, WI

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In spring of 2016, Milwaukee-based artist Lindsay Marx installed “Bee in the City” at 83rd and National. The mural depicts a young girl reading a book, while pies cool on a windowsill and bees drift in a lazy summer scene. Marx said, "I wanted to honor the hometown sensibility and growth of West Allis. The design features nostalgia for homemade pies on window sills, children reading and references honey bees, who are major pollinators for the crops we see at our tables. These ideas, tied together with bold colors and unique shapes, enliven this segment of West National Avenue and certainly offer a worthy reason to visit this growing city." Not only are bees vital pollinators, the mural’s proximity to Honey Creek Park is also a nod to the park’s history. Honey Creek Park earned its name due to the abundance of beehives dripping with honey that settlers discovered around the thusly named Honey Creek which flowed through the park until the 1930s.