6900 W. Greenfield Ave.

Artist: David Mueller | Milwaukee, WI

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Milwaukee artist David Mueller was selected to paint the Towne Centre shopping plaza’s south-facing wall. Mueller’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally in a variety of galleries, venues, and publications, and the artist self-describes as “a working-class kind of artist.” His quirky alligator mural, titled “Dile B for Birder,” brought a sense of fun and whimsy to the wall. 

Mueller hopes viewers can look at the mural and understand that at times something ominous and scary has the potential to be welcoming and accessible. Mueller added, “The characters and situations we encounter in life may at first appear intimidating and unlikely, but they could end up being something attainable and symbiotic if we dropped some of our preconceptions.”

2020 WALS 69th & Greenfield