7506 W. Greenfield Ave.

2020 WALS 75th and Greenfield Mural

ARTIST: Dan Herro | West Allis, WI

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West Allis resident Dan Herro was chosen to paint “The Night Hare,” a beautiful scene featuring a white rabbit and rich night sky on the Gartzke building, 7506 W. Greenfield Ave. Inspired by the natural world, Herro creates scenes that bring a sense of wonder, a place to slow down and to rest. The Night Hare is a story about a rabbit and the full moon. As Herro explained, “While resting in the glow of the moon, the rabbit observes a silhouette resembling himself in the volcanic plains of the moon's surface. This discovery brings about a realization that in some way, everything and everyone is connected.”

Herro currently serves as Head Designer and Preparator for the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University and is an active member of the Rainbow Gardens Neighborhood Association. In 2019, he led the creation of the neighborhood mural at the Rainbow Gardens pavilion.