Beloit Road Reconstruction Project


The City of West Allis and Wisconsin Department of Transportation hired GRAEF to design the reconstruction of Beloit Road from S. 60th Street to W. Lincoln Avenue in West Allis. The design team shared some initial ideas in June with the community to gather feedback from those that live, work, and travel in West Allis.

Public Involvement Meeting #1

Virtual Public Involvement Meeting (PDF)


Public Involvement Meeting #2

Virtual Public Involvement Meeting #2 (PDF)


Community Feedback Survey for beloit/grant/65th/66th St. Residents

The City of West Allis held a Virtual Public Involvement Meeting from May 27, 2020 to June 26, 2020 for the W. Beloit Road (Lincoln to 60th) reconstruction project that is currently being designed for construction in 2023. Information and exhibits can still be found on the West Allis website:  We received 30 responses to the community feedback form on the website during the Virtual Public Involvement Meeting, and are considering four options for the future of this intersection:

  • Existing – maintains the closely spaced angled intersections as is and doesn’t address the rising crash rate
  • Alternative 1 – closes Grant St.
  • Alternative 2 – closes Grant St. and realigns 66th St. to create a 90 degree intersection to improve safety
  • Alternative 3 – closes Grant St. and 65th St. south of Beloit