Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The West Allis Fire Department (WAFD) Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is tasked with providing the highest standard of pre-hospital medical care in a rapid manner to all calls for service.   The medical care delivered by WAFD providers covers a wide range of care that includes simple assistance to cardiac resuscitation and all levels in between.  Whatever level of medical care or assistance is required by our citizens and visitors, WAFD paramedics and EMTs provide that care with both the utmost skill and respect for those we serve, without fail, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

 WAFD EMS operates out of all three fire stations.   At all times, one basic life support ambulance is in service staffed by two EMTs.  Two additional ALS/BLS ambulances are in service staffed by two paramedics.  In addition to transport ambulances, all WAFD fire apparatus are equipped to respond to medical emergencies independently or to assist the ALS or BLS ambulance with high acuity patients.  The West Allis Fire Department is dispatched by The West Allis Police Department Communications Center which utilizes Emergency Medical Dispatching to dispatch the closest and most appropriate EMS units while providing critical pre-arrival instructions to 911 callers.

Staff & apparatus

All West Allis Fire Department personnel are State of Wisconsin licensed Emergency Medical Technicians trained to provide care at the Basic Life Support level.  In addition, 70 members are licensed Paramedics capable of providing Advanced Life Support.  The West Allis Fire Department strives to gain early control of emergency medical incidents by providing a timely response.  It is our goal to have all critical EMS incidents mitigated by having the first arriving unit on scene within five minutes of the dispatch 75% of the time, which we proudly accomplish.

The West Allis Fire Department operates with two advanced life support ambulances, each staffed with two paramedics, and one basic life support ambulance, staffed with two emergency medical technicians.  In addition, our fire apparatus are also staffed with a minimum of one paramedic, capable of providing advanced life support as a paramedic first responder.

training & medical direction

The Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management – Emergency Medical Services Division holds the responsibility of credentialing and continuing education for the West Allis Fire Department patient care providers.  They are additionally accountable for administering the protocols and standards of care delivered by The West Allis Fire Department, under medical direction provided in partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Department of Emergency Medicine.

WAFD Off Road Ambulance