Filing a Claim

In many cases, a person must file a written claim with the city before filing a lawsuit.  This process is in place to give the city an opportunity to investigate and evaluate potential claims and to afford the city the opportunity to compromise and budget for potential settlement or litigation.

If you wish to file a claim, it must list the circumstances of the claim, be signed, and be served on city clerk in the same way a court summon is served.  The claim must be served upon the city clerk within 120 days of the event that brought about the claim.

You may file a claim that just lists the circumstances of the incident, but the city attorney's office cannot process your claim until your claim contains the address of the claimant and an itemized statement of the relief sought.

The city attorney's office has a Claim Form (PDF) to assist the public in submitting a claim.

If you need assistance with this form or with submitting a claim, please contact a private attorney who can assist you.  The City Attorney's Office cannot help you fill out the form.