Does It Need A License?

The City of West Allis City Clerk’s Office issues licenses for these activities. Licenses not on this list may be issued by the Police Department or by the Engineering Department.

Whether the kiddos want to start a lemonade stand or you want to sell bottled water during State Fair, 
click here to view the FAQ Sheet (PDF).  

Adult-Oriented Establishment
Adult-Oriented Establishment - Operator (employee)
Application (PDF)
Employee Application (PDF)
Alcohol - Class A, Class B, Class CAlcohol Beverage Application Packet (PDF)
Cigarette and Tobacco Product Sales and Electronic Smoking/ Vape ShopsCigarette and Tobacco Application (City) (PDF) / Cigarette and Tobacco Information Sheet
WI Dept. of Revenue Tobacco Application (PDF)
*Please submit both forms*
Direct Seller/Solicitor/HawkingDirect Seller/Solicitor/Hawking Application (PDF) 
Direct Seller/Solicitor Special EventDirect Seller/Solicitor Special Event Application (PDF) 
Public Entertainment PremisesPublic Entertainment Premises License (PDF)
Entertainment Distributor (Amusement and Phonograph)Entertainment Distributor License (PDF)
Food Peddlers PermitFood Peddlers Permit Application (PDF) 
Mobile Home ParkManufactured and Mobile Home Community License Application (PDF)  
Operator’s License (Bartender/Sales Clerk)Operator's License (Bartender/Sales Clerk) Application (PDF)
Operator's License (Bartender/Sales Clerk) Info Sheet (PDF)
PawnbrokerPawn Dealer License PDF Application (PDF)
PetOnline Dog or Cat license (PDF)
Picnic, Special Beer/WineTemporary Class B License PDF Application (PDF)
Salvage and RecyclingSalvage and Recycling License PDF Application (PDF)
Secondhand Article DealerSecondhand Article Dealer License Application (PDF) 
Secondhand Article Dealer - Charitable OrganizationSecondhand Article Dealer - Charitable Organization License Application (PDF)
Secondhand Jewelry DealerSecondhand Jewelry Dealer License Application (PDF) 
Special Event Permit (Block Party, Carnival)Special Event Permit Information Sheet and Special Event Permit Application (PDF)
Temporary Extension of Class B Premises Temporary Extension of Class B (PDF)
Temporary Operator’s LicenseTemporary Operator’s License Application - Fillable (PDF)