Entering a Plea

Before Court

Defendants may choose to pay the fine amount on their citation before their scheduled court date instead of appearing in court. The payment legally establishes a guilty plea to the charge. The conviction will be reported to the Department of Transportation and DOT will assess the points accordingly.

The court date is located at the top of the citation (ticket). If a written plea is filed before the court date do not appear in court. If you wish to avoid going to court and you want to pay online, go to our home page and choose (citation). A guilty/no contest plea will be entered and the case will be closed. No appearance is necessary if paid in full on or before the court date. You may mail a copy of your citation and a check or money order also.

Filing a Plea

You do not need to appear in court if you complete the plea form given by the West Allis Police Department and file it with the Court prior to the date on the citation. This may be done by mail or at the Municipal Court window drop box. If the officer failed to give a plea sheet, click on plea sheet and print out a copy and submit it by mail or at the Municipal Court drop box.

  • If you plea guilty or no contest and need time to pay the amount stated on the citation, check the appropriate box on the "plea form." Fill in all information and send it to the municipal court clerk at the address above.
  • If you plea not guilty, check the appropriate box below filling out the information that is requested. Mail your plea to the West Allis Municipal Court before the court date. Once the plea is received, a postcard or letter will be sent with a pre-trial court date so that you may speak to the Assistant City Attorney.

If you have not received notice from the court regarding the amount you owe or your pre-trial date by your court date on your citation, please wait and contact the court after one week for information.