Hydrant Meter Permits

Commercial Use Only

Hydrant meters and back flow preventers are available for construction projects or other approved commercial uses. Complete the Hydrant Meter Permit Application online. Once approved, you will receive notification from the Municipal Water Utility that the meter is ready to be picked up. The Water Utility is open Monday-Friday from 7 am - 3:30 pm.  A deposit of $1,500 is required before the meter can be picked up.  It is preferred that the payment is submitted with the Hydrant Meter Request. Credit Card payment can be made by clicking the link or bringing a check at the time of pick-up.


Type of ChargeAmount
Service ChargeMinimum Charge $50 (up to 7 days)
7+ days $197.27 per quarter/90 days
Water Volume Charge$2.67 per CCF
Hydrant Wrench Replacement Cost$60 (approximate replacement cost)
Back Flow Preventer Replacement Cost$1,500 (approximate replacement cost)
Hydrant Meter Replacement Cost$5,000 (approximate replacement cost)

Terms for Use

Water may be drawn from fire hydrants for construction or other approved uses only through meters issued by the West Allis Water Utility. The City of West Allis requires all hydrant meters to be used with the back flow preventer provided. The back flow preventer must be braced in a manner that does not damage the hydrant and/or hydrant meter.

Hydrant use is restricted to those hydrants which are located immediately adjacent to a construction site or other location of use (as identified in the "Fire Hydrant Permit Application:").

Hydrants and meter will be used as follows:

  1. Turn hydrant full on
  2. Turn meter valve on
  3. When done, turn meter valve off
  4. Turn off hydrant slowly
  5. Remove meter from hydrant at the end of the day and store in a secure location

Repairs & Replacements

Failure to follow this procedure could result in broken or stolen equipment and/or water mains. Repair/replacement expenses will be charged to the permit holder. Permit holder is responsible for any damages to the fire hydrant, hydrant meter and/or back flow preventer if not installed correctly, not braced correctly, or if mishandled in any way.

Water drawn from hydrants may not be transported for use outside the City of West Allis. Any meter used for this purpose will be immediately removed by the Utility.

Hydrant Metering

No person shall use or attach any device on a hydrant unless that person has an authorized meter in use at the site, is familiar with proper hydrant operation, and is equipped with appropriate tools (fittings and hydrant wrench) to prevent damage to the hydrant.

Freezing Weather

During the months of freezing weather, the permit holder must report meter use to the Utility. Meters used on hydrants must be removed daily, carefully drained and stored to prevent damage by freezing. These procedures are required to ensure operable condition of all hydrants in the case of fire.

Billing & Violations

Hydrant billing is performed after hydrant is returned to the Utility. If they meter is used longer than 90 days, the West Allis Water Utility may bill for use prior to returning meter. The remaining usage will be billed after the meter is returned to the Utility.

Any person or firm found in violation of these rules will be billed by the West Allis Water Utility based on time and materials at current authorized rates for inspecting and repairing the hydrant.


Any damages to the West Allis Water Utility facilities and/or equipment in coordination with the permit use are the responsibility of the permit holder and the permit holder will be charged accordingly.

The deposit paid when the meter is taken out may be applied to any charges incurred in conjunction with this permit. After return of the meter, the Utility will use the deposit for any outstanding amounts due, and return the remainder to the permit holder.

Meters must be returned to the West Allis Water Utility at 6300 W McGeoch Avenue, West Allis, WI 53219.

Do not use water without setting hydrant meter and backflow preventer.

It is unlawful to use unmetered water.

Request a Hydrant Meter

Click the following link to request usage of a hydrant with hydrant meter and back flow preventer: Hydrant Meter Request