To Reserve Barricades, please register your party under the Neighborhood Block Parties tab. The Barricades will be delivered to your neighborhood on Tuesday, July 23rd before 4pm. They will be picked up in the same location on Wednesday. Please remember: 

  • No bus routes, emergency routes, or construction areas can be blocked with barricades.
  • Do not use any other devices as a barricade (i.e. motor vehicles, garbage cans, etc.)
  • No Barricades will be available to be picked up the Police Station. To receive barricades, you must register your block party.
  • Barricades may be set in place by 6 pm on Tuesday, July 23rd
  • There is a limited supply of barricades and is subject to availability
  • To register your block party, please register here

If you have any questions about barricades or block parties, please contact Community Services at 414-302-8050 or email