Great Water Alliance

great water allianceThe Waukesha Water Utility is leading the charge, through the Great Water Alliance, to implement a new water supply program for Waukesha. The utility will continue to coordinate with governmental agencies at the state and local levels, the citizens of Waukesha and our partner communities, as well as other interested parties.

New pipelines will carry fresh water sourced from Lake Michigan to the City of Waukesha, and then return the same amount - in the form of clean water - using the Root River tributary. Current plans call for the pipeline to begin at a pumping station near Milwaukee, and travel some 20 miles to Waukesha. One of these possible pipeline routes uses Oklahoma Avenue through West Allis.

A second pipeline will deliver treated water from the Clean Water Plant in Waukesha to an outfall point in Franklin that empties into the Root River.

View route considerations on the Great Water Alliance website.

Learn more about this program at Greater Water Alliance or call 262-409-4444.

An informational meeting was held on May 19th, 2021.  This meeting can be viewed at