Finance Department

The Finance Department develops, refines and encourages adherence to financial policies that promote and support the City's sound fiscal health, safeguard the City's assets and improve the City's bond rating. The Finance Department manages payroll and grant and project accounting.

Additional Duties

The Finance Department also:

  • Coordinates accounts payable and accounts receivables
  • Provides centralized Capital Project and TIF accounting
  • Provides centralized grant accounting for the various grant programs that the City of West Allis administers through the special revenue fund
    • Department of Development Housing Office grant programs
    • Fire Department grant programs
    • Health Department grant programs
    • Police Department grant programs

2020 Recommended Budget

The 2020 City of West Allis Recommended Budget was presented to the Common Council on October 15, 2019. A Public Hearing is scheduled for the November 5, 2019 Common Council Meeting.

2019 Adopted Budget

The 2019 City of West Allis Budget was adopted by the Common Council on November 20, 2018.

Previous Budgets

View Previous City of West Allis Adopted Budgets.