Sharps Disposal

What are "sharps"?

"Sharps" include medical needles, syringes, lancets (finger stick devices) and other sharp medical instruments.

Why do needles/sharps need to be discarded in a special way?

State Law and Municipal Ordinance make it illegal to dispose of used needles, syringes and lancets with refuse or recyclables. Unsafe disposal can result in serious diseases through accidental needle sticks to workers or even neighborhood children and the general public.

What is the preferred method of disposal for needles/sharps?

Put sharps into a red "sharps" container available for purchase at local pharmacies.

Pharmacies will not accept syringes in plastic milk jugs or laundry detergent bottles.

How do I dispose of the "sharps" container?

Some pharmacies will accept used syringes in approved sharps containers, but not in plastic milk jugs or laundry detergent bottles.

Contact your local pharmacy about their needle disposal policy and fees.

Red "sharps" containers are accepted at the included list of local pharmacies or at the Emergency Entrance of Aurora West Allis Medical Center (south of W Lincoln Avenue, off S 88 Street). There is a $5 fee for the red "sharps" containers but they are free if you purchase medications at the pharmacy.

Aurora Health Center

6609 W Greenfield Avenue

Aurora Pharmacy

2424 S 90 Street

Pick ’n Save Pharmacy

6760 W National Avenue

Pick ’n Save Pharmacy

2625 S 108 Street

Special red stickers are available for use on rigid containers such as laundry detergency bottles.

This information is subject to change without notice. Please contact the location you select for their specific policies.

Some Disposal Don’ts

  • Do not break or bend needles.
  • Do not place sharps or sharps containers in with regular garbage or recyclables.

Is the red "sharps" container the only acceptable disposal method?

While the "sharps" containers are very affordable, some residents may wish to utilize an alternate method of disposal which requires a special sticker to be placed on a rigid container. These containers can only be disposed of at the Emergency Entrance of Aurora West Allis Medical Center. Contact Aurora West Allis Medical Center Environmental Services at 414-328-7290 or the West Allis Department of Public Works at 414-302-8800 for the sticker and special instructions for disposal.