Goal 5: Excellence in Government

The City of West Allis will continually review the best methods for effective and efficient service delivery by utilizing continuous improvement and LEAN operation techniques. Innovation and service excellence is expected and employees will be held accountable and rewarded for such.

Strategic Action

5-1 Create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement among City departments by establishing city-wide employee performance standards, core values and competencies for employees; including LEAN training and technological competencies

5-2 Increase city-wide department and agency employee knowledge of organizational operations, processes, goals and plans where employees demonstrate active and successful implementation of policies and programs adopted by the Mayor and Common Council.

5-3 Create a streamlined citizen and business service environment city-wide, eliminating the need for citizens and stakeholders to go to multiple departments for City permitting, licenses, or other requirements and services

5-4 Align common/connected strategic goals, outcomes and results across all City mandated, department and agency plans (City strategic plan, Department Plans, Comprehensive Plan, Parks Plan, Facilities Plan, Capital Improvement Plan, commercial corridor plans) 5-5 Develop and Implement ongoing Operational Analysis/Audit/Alternative Service Delivery Options/Organizational Structure Analysis; Review each process and related ordinance/procedure/practice to ensure they comport with actual activities and current best practices; eliminate or provide discretion to allow for continuous improvement activities

5-6 Revise and streamline hiring, retention, performance recognition and rewards programs/processes to focus on abilities and adherence to core values and competencies (pay for performance)