Home Occupancy Permit

Residents wishing to operate a business from their home are required to first obtain a Home Occupancy Permit. Applications are online and can be found at here.

Standards for Home Occupations

  • The principal use of the premises shall be for single or two (2) family dwelling purposes only.
  • The occupation shall be carried on solely within either the main or an accessory building, and it shall utilize no more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the gross floor area of any such building.
  • No person who does not reside on the premises may be employed.
  • No internal or external structural alterations or special construction of any building is required.
  • Services or sales conducted on the premises shall be by appointment only.
  • No goods, materials, parts, tools or other equipment shall be displayed, used or stored outside a building.
  • No equipment may be used which creates excessive dust, smoke, odor, noises, electrical disturbances or other conditions which are detrimental to the character, condition, value and enjoyment of other residential property in the neighborhood.
  • No excessive vehicular or pedestrian traffic shall be generated and no off-street parking demand created.
  • No vehicle will be used in connection with the occupation other than one owned by the permittee and which may be legally parked on the premises.
  • One non-illuminated sign not exceeding two (2) square feet in area to advertise the occupation carried on the premises shall be permitted. No other signage or advertising display of any kind on the premises shall be permitted.
  • No other local ordinance, provision or state statute or rule will be violated.

Permitted Home Occupations

  • Art studio
  • Computer programming
  • Dental laboratory
  • Drafting and graphic services
  • Dressmaking, sewing and tailoring
  • Family day care home and accessory play area. Note: the occupancy permit shall not be required when home is licensed by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health and Social Services, although the operator shall register the business with the City.
  • Home crafts
  • Music lessons
  • Professional offices
  • Sales representative - office only
  • Secretarial services
  • Watch and jewelry repair
  • Other similar occupations with the approval of the City

Information provided on this site is not intended to answer all questions concerning occupancy permits. If you have any additional questions concerning this process, please contact the Department of Building Inspection and Neighborhood Services.