Professional Land Surveying

When Do You Need a Surveyor?

The National Society of Professional Surveyors provides information which can help property owners know when to hire a surveyor. They suggest hiring a surveyor when:

  • Purchasing a home
  • A lender requires you to have flood insurance 
  • Installation of fencing
  • Building additions

More information can be found by viewing the Should You Hire a Land Surveyor Pamphlet (PDF).

City Limitations

Due to legal liability the City of West Allis cannot perform the following services:

  • Property surveys
  • Marking lot corners
  • Marking/establishing lot lines

The property owner is solely responsible for hiring a professional land surveyor or land surveying company and negotiating fees for the service.

Additional Resources

The City of West Allis has a large collection of Plats of Surveys on file in the Code Enforcement Office. Property Owners and Residents are able to obtain a copy through submitting a Record Request.

In addition to the documents that the City has, Residents may find property information by searching the Milwaukee County Geographic Information System.

More information about joining a local professional surveying organization can be found by visiting the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors webpage.

Questions about land surveying and what the City of West Allis can do for you? Contact the Engineering Department through the right side of this screen.