City Tree Pruning

The Forestry Division maintains over 23,000 trees throughout the City. One component of that maintenance is pruning. Generally, Forestry will prune entire city blocks in the colder months of the year. During the warmer months, Forestry performs pruning at the request of residents. Pruning is performed to improve overall branch spacing and structure, remove deadwood, low limbs and limbs obstructing traffic signals, signage, street lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I have my City tree pruned?

Contact the Forestry Office at 414-302-8811 or email the Forestry Division to request your tree be added to the list for pruning. If you have multiple City trees at your property, be sure to specify which tree(s) you think need pruning.

What can I expect when my City tree is being pruned?

The pruning crew will arrive with multiple pieces of equipment. A bucket truck will be used to lift an arborist to the height of the limbs being pruned. Depending on the size and spread of the tree, this vehicle may need to be moved during the pruning operation, to allow access at differing angles. A second piece of equipment, the chipper, will also be used. This equipment pulverizes the woody material removed from your city tree and turns it into wood chips. The chipper will dispense the wood chips into the back of an empty truck. These wood chips are ultimately used for mulching landscape beds and trees throughout the city. Citizens can obtain wood chips at no charge at the Morgan Drop-Off Site, which is open the Tuesday after  Memorial Day to early October. Due to the size and orientation of the equipment, the road may be partially or fully barricaded or coned off to allow a safe working environment for the arborists and to protect citizens.

Does the City prune private trees?

No, the City will only prune City trees. Residents should contact a tree care company for their private tree maintenance needs.

How do I know if my tree is a City tree or private tree?

Trees planted between the sidewalk and the curb are City trees. If you don’t have a sidewalk at your property, City trees will be planted near the curb, in the City’s right of way. Trees planted in the front, rear and/or side yard of a property are private trees. If you are not sure if your trees are City or private tree, contact the Forestry office for more information, 414-302-8811 or email the Forestry Division.