New Anti-Icing Technology

Ice truck

The City of West Allis DPW vehicles will be applying new anti-icing products that will help melt snow and reduce ice formation on the roadway. This process is known as anti-icing. This is being done to provide safe driving conditions and reduce the environmental impact.

  • Anti-icing is a pro-active approach to winter road maintenance. Liquid brine is applied to a street before a snow and ice event to prevent the hard bond of snow/ice to the surface.
  • Reduced use of abrasives on the road results in reduced environmental impacts.
  • Snow and ice control cost savings results in benefits to the City and the public.
  • Improved winter roadway conditions results in safer driving conditions for motorists.
  • Reduces labor hours, fuel consumption, and wear on equipment. Crews can cover more area by beginning treatment prior to storm event while in better conditions.
  • Potentially decreases application of annual salt application by 20% to 30%.