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There were over 2,100 cardiac arrests in Milwaukee County last year. The PulsePoint app alerts bystanders—like you—who can help victims before emergency responders arrive.

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How It Works

When the 911 Center dispatches emergency responders to a cardiac emergency, PulsePoint users located within a quarter mile of the incident are simultaneously alerted. These alerts are only sent for cases of cardiac arrest in public locations.

When an alert is sent, you receive a “CPR Needed” notification. If you choose to respond, PulsePoint provides a GPS-guided map to the closest Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED).

Response is completely voluntary and anonymous. The app does not know whether or not you chose to respond.
View an overview of how the app works on Android and iOS.

Why Me?
Every second counts. By stepping in and providing chest compressions while help is on the way, victims of sudden cardiac arrest have a greater chance of survival.

Do I need be CPR-certified?
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No. Any previous exposure to CPR training-whether a formal CPR class, hands-only class, sidewalk CPR event, or online training video-equips you with enough knowledge to make a difference. What’s more, CPR instructions are provided on the app!

How do I get started?
Follow these four simple steps!

1. Download the free Apple or Android app.

2. Go into “Settings” and select “Add New Agency”.

3. Search for and select "West Allis Fire"

4. Be sure you've selected "CPR Notifications". A heart icon appears in the check box.

You may also choose to receive notifications for other call types in the city, including structure fires and vehicle accidents. You can follow up at 15 other agencies.