WAPD New Officer Training Program (2006)

The New Officer Training Program in the City of West Allis Police Department was designed to build upon and enhance basic law enforcement skills previously attained in the State of Wisconsin certificate programs. The New Officer Training Program is a prerequisite to the Department's Field Training Officer Program. Over the years, the Department sought a way to get newly hired officers out in the field in a timelier manner.

The Department also wanted to make certain that these officers would be well prepared to engage in the City's law enforcement activities. To ensure that this process occurred, the New Officer Training Program was created in conjunction with the Field Training Officer Program. This Program continues to evolve and improve from contributions by Department members. The New Officer Training Program is approximately 400 hours in duration and includes curriculum topics such as: 

  • Booking Process
  • Defensive and Arrest Tactics
  • Digital Photography
  • Interviewing and Interrogation
  • Rule of Conduct
  • Sensitive Crimes
  • Vehicle Contacts
  • Etc.