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Interactive Mapping
GeoWeb Parcel Viewer App

GeoWeb Parcel Viewer WebApp - Web AppBuilder

GeoWeb Parcel Viewer is an Interactive GIS App that helps citizens identify and obtain information about it as well as information about their surrounding Neighborhood. Check out your parcel today.

West Allis WI Schools Map

West Allis, WI School WebApp - Web AppBuilder

This Interactive map displays NEW High School, Intermediate and Elementary Boundaries for the West Allis West Milwaukee School District Attendance Area Committee beginning with 2016 - 2017 school year

Bike Map West Allis

West Allis Bicycle WebApp - Web AppBuilder

The Bicycle Map App shows you where the bike routes, lanes & trails are within and around West Allis.& identifies existing & future bike routes within West Allis & adjacent neighboring municipalities.

West Allis GIS Zoning Map

West Allis Zoning GIS WebApp - Web AppBuilder

Zoning establishes the types of land uses permitted on a parcel of land within the full or limited purpose, Zoning also sets the development standards for a site, such as height, setbacks, landscaping

West Allis Recycles

West Allis Recycles WebApp - Web AppBuilder

West Allis Recycles map of SouthEast WI that shows where residents can be environmentally friendly & find the closest local recycling site. Recycling sites are sorted by type of material accepted

Farmers Market GIS App

West Allis Farmers Market App- Web AppBuilder

The West Allis Farmers Market stall location Map is an application that allows you to see where Farmers are located within the Market Available on a your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android device

OWI Stop, Test, Arrest map

OWI Stop, Test & Arrest WebApp-Web AppBuilder

This OWI Law Enforcement Task Force Map is part of the Stop, Test and Arrest program, and will display OWI arrests that have occurred in West Allis, Wisconsin. Locations of arrests over 10 years shown

Adopt a Hydrant Map

Adopt a Hydrant WebApp - Web AppBuilder

If a Fire hydrant is lost or buried in snow firefighters lose valuable time trying to locate it and dig it out when they first arrive at a fire Consider adopting the hydrant near your home or business

Polling Place map

Polling Place Map [Flex]

West Allis Polling Place Locator is an application that helps citizens locate their election polling place and obtain information about current elected officials. This application is typically used by citizens during an election season, but can be used throughout the year to determine which elected official represents the precinct they reside in. Election Polling Places can be used by city clerks, county clerks, election commissions or other local government organizations responsible for managing elections to deliver a web-based Election Polling Places application. This application provides 24/7 access to the organization and typically supplements customer service phone numbers staffed by these organizations.

Parcel Map

Parcel Information Map [Flex]

West Allis Parcel Web Viewer is a GIS Web application that helps citizens identify their parcel and obtain information about it as well as information about their surrounding Neighborhood.

Neighborhood Partnership Map

Neighborhood Partnership

The West Allis Police Department is scheduling Neighborhood Partnership Meetings (NPM) twice a year. Use this map to find your meeting location and date.

Parcel and Property map

Parcel & Property Map

This interactive, online map provides informatin about each West Allis parcel, including most recent assessment. Locate City of West Allis public buildings, West Allis/West Milwaukee schools, Zip code areas in West Allis, Political Boundaries, Neighborhood District Partnerships boundaries, Assessment boundaries, Census 2000 Tracts and Blocks, Zoning boundaries, TIF and BID Districts, Existing Land Use, Land Use 2010, and Ortho Photography imagery. Newly added are links for Intersections to both Bing Maps and Google Maps Street View sites by clicking on the hyperlinks in the attributes of these features

Geographic Information Systems
City Hall, Room G07

GIS Supervisor
Pat Walker, GISP

[Staff Directory >>]

West Allis City Hall
7525 W. Greenfield Ave
West Allis, WI 53214
(414) 302-8200
8:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F
[Map & Directions >>]
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