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Water Quality: Common Contaminants
Lead and Copper
The West Allis DPW Water Utility is required by the DNR and EPA to test drinking water in a number of homes for lead and copper content. Lead and copper enter the drinking water by corrosion of home plumbing. Of the thirty homes tested for lead, none had results above the action level of 15 ppb. Of the 30 homes tested for copper, none had test results above the action level of 1.3 ppm. Milwaukee Waterworks adds phosphate to the drinking water to help prevent lead and copper from eroding from home plumbing into the drinking water.

Infants and young children are typically more susceptible to lead in drinking water than the general population. It is possible that lead levels in your home may be higher than other homes in West Allis due to materials in your home's plumbing. If you are concerned about elevated lead levels in your home's water, we recommend flushing the tap by letting the water run for between 30 seconds and two minutes before using the water.

Cryptosporidium is a microscopic protozoan that, when ingested, can result in diarrhea, fever and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Our water supplier has been testing both the raw water and the drinking water for cryptosporidium since 1993. The West Allis Water Utility and our supplier consider testing for cryptosporidium to be a priority and are committed to informing our consumers of any detections. The organism is found in many surface water sources (lakes, rivers, streams) and comes from human and animal wastes in the watershed. Cryptosporidium is eliminated by an effective treatment combination which includes ozonation, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.

Water Division
Michael Brofka, Superintendent 
(414) 302-8830
Utility Billing Help Line
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Director of Public Works
Michael Lewis

Assistant Director of Public Works 
Dave Wepking 

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Department of Public Works
6300 W. McGeoch Ave.
West Allis, WI 53219
(414) 302-8888
Fax: (414) 302-8889
7:00 am - 3:30 pm M-F 
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