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Parks, Playgrounds, and Outdoor Recreation in West Allis
There are many great places to get outside in West Allis! West Allis is home to four Milwaukee County parks, three biking and hiking trails, and over a dozen City-owned parks. Explore and enjoy one of these beautiful parks today.

Milwaukee County Parks Website

West Allis City Park Rental Information (Coming Soon)
(Including picnic areas, structures/gazebos and beer permits)

Please contact the West Allis-West Milwaukee Recreation and Community Services Department at (414) 604-4900 or visit the WAWM Rec website for information on soccer fields, baseball fields and the Liberty Heights wading pool.

Milwaukee County Parks
The following parks are owned, operated, and maintained by the Milwaukee County Parks system. For information on these parks, including maps and rental information, visit the Milwaukee County Parks website.

Greenfield Park
Greenfield Park is a 150 acre county park located at 2028 South 124th Street. The Cool Water Family Aquatic Park is located in Greenfield Park and includes a heated pool, water slides and interactive water features. Other park features include playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, a baseball field, picnic shelters and natural areas. The park is connected to both the New Berlin Recreation Trail and the Oak Leaf Trail corridor.
Phone Number: (414) 327-8906 | Email | View Map of Greenfield Park

LaFollette Park

This 18 acre county park is located at 9418 West Washington Street. Facilities include a pavilion, wading pool, softball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and a playground. The pavilion and athletic fields are available by reservation for group events.
Phone Number: (414) 327-8906 | Email | View Map of LaFollette Park

McCarty Park
McCarty Park is a 50 acre county park located at 8214 West Cleveland Avenue. Facilities include the McCarty Pavilion, a pool, ball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, sand volleyball, play equipment and a lagoon. The park is connected to the rest of the county park system via the Oak Leaf Trail corridor.
Phone Number: (414) 627-5052 | Email | View Map of McCarty Park

Rainbow Park
This 25 acre county park is located at 700 South 119th Street adjacent to Walker Elementary School. Facilities include a playground, a wading pool, tennis courts and ball fields.
Phone Number: (414) 327-8906 | Email | View Map of Rainbow Park

Milwaukee County Trails and Bike Paths
Hank Aaron State Trail
Oak Leaf Trail
New Berlin Trail

Existing trail corridors include the Hank Aaron State Trail, which runs along the northern city limits of West Allis and into downtown Milwaukee. The trail is a paved multi-use path and connects to area landmarks such as State Fair Park, Miller Park, the Harley Davidson Museum and Mitchell Park. The Hank Aaron Trail also connects to the Oak Leaf Trail, which is West Allis’ other major trail corridor.

The Oak Leaf Trail is a 118 mile system of off-road trails, park drives and municipal streets designed to guide bicyclists and pedestrians through the Milwaukee County park system. The corridor runs through the Underwood Creek Parkway, Greenfield Park and the Root River parkway on the city’s west side. Another segment goes through McCarthy Park and follows an on-street route to the north on 84th Street. Learn more about these trails at Milwaukee County Parks’ website.

West Allis Parks
The City of West Allis proudly owns and operates the parks and green spaces listed below. Some City parks can be rented for your party or celebration. Learn more about renting space in a West Allis City Park.

Mini Park, 58th and Beloit
This 0.1 acre mini park is located on a triangular lot at the intersection of South 58th Street and West Beloit Road. Park amenities include landscaping, benches and a paved path. Tree species include juniper, pear, sugar maple, locust and weeping cherry.

Mini Park, 60th and National

This mini park contains 0.1 acres and is located at the intersection of South 60th Street and West National Avenue. It includes three benches, landscaping and a paver path.

Mini Park, 64th and Greenfield
This 0.3 acre park is located at the intersection of South 64th Street and West Greenfield Avenue. It includes four benches and a paver path.

Mini Park, Railroad Park, 82nd and National
Railroad Park is a 0.3 acre mini park located at the intersection of West National Avenue and South 82nd Street. It includes benches and a small landscaping bed.

Arnold Klentz Park – Rental Information
This 4.1 acre neighborhood park is located at 2601 South 72nd Street. Park amenities include softball fields, a playground and a basketball court. Tree species include maple and ash.

Honey Creek ParkRental Information
This 3.7 acre park is located at 1999 South 84th Street. The park is adjacent to Franklin Elementary and contains trails and a gazebo. Tree species include linden, norway maple, spruce, pin oak, cedar and many others.

Joyce Radtke Skatepark – Rental Information
This 0.9 acre park is located at 8320 West National Avenue. The park includes skate elements, benches and lighting.

Kopperud Park
This 2.7 acre park is located at the intersection of South 76th Street and West Pierce Street. It contains open space, a path and benches.

Liberty Heights Park – Rental Information
This 6.5 acre park is located at 1540 South 62nd Street. Site amenities include a wading pool, a softball field and basketball courts. Tree species include linden, locust, red maple and sugar maple.

Reservoir Park – Rental Information
This 13.2 acre park is home to the West Allis Little League and is located at 9621 West Lapham Street. Amenities include youth baseball fields, soccer fields and a playground. Tree species at this site include locust, ash, sugar maple, hackberry, austrian pine, cottonwood and spruce.

Rogers Par
k – Rental Information
This 1.1 acre park is located at 2023 South 75th Street. The playground includes a play structure, swings and a small memorial plaza. Tree species include chestnut, austrian pine, black maple, norway maple, oak and ash.

Rogers Playground - Rental Information
This 0.7 acre mini park is located at 2014 South 56th Street. The park includes a playground and open space. Tree species include ash, pear and ginkgo.

Veterans Memorial Park
– Rental Information
This 1.85 acre park is located at the intersection of West National Avenue and South 70th Street. Its amenities include a memorial plaza, a playground and open space.

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